• Imperial Mail
    Where messages and orders are stored for those residing in the Seven Isles.
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  • Citadel
    The political capital of the Seven Isles and seat to Caesar Andolin Azarin. The name of Seven Isles was not very aptly chosen. There are more than a thousand isles in the Empire, stretching from pole to pole. The major inhabited ones form a closely knit but multicultured network ruled by the Ceasar and his council.

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  • Triangle Islands
    Dort, Aveas and Sierra form the most important triangle of the Seven Isles. Magick and trade are their core business.
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  • Royal Mail
    Where all the pigeons flock to leave their messages to the good people in the Western Kingdom.
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  • The Mer Cities
    King's Court and Roque d'Ancourt, on the coast of the Mer de la Luna, form the center of the Western Kingdom, the Western half of the West Terra continent. Its rolling hills are punctured by rivers and lakes and ends in a swamp near the Orcish Terroritory and the endless sea. Here the One Church rules supreme and trade over the Mer keeps the economy going.
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  • The Baron Estates
    These estates surrounding the larger cities of the WK include Pax Balthasar, Brie and several other smaller grounds. The barons rule supreme and intent on holding on to their belongings.
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  • Terra West
    Terra West is the continent that stretches from the rolling grasslands of the Western Kingdom, the icy peaks of the Howling Ice Mountains hiding the Kingdoms of Khan and Kaza Rhun to the dragoninfested desert of Terra Incognita. To the North one can find the woodlands that house the mysterious Adhiel and the swamp that harbor Orcs. T'aquar is open as a starting location for players.
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