Need to edit a few things on my char sheet

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Need to edit a few things on my char sheet

Postby Elendor Nai'lith » Mon May 31, 2004 10:49 pm

I was told that I need to change a few things in my char sheet before I continue playing so if you would be kind enough to paste these things in the right places for me:

Elendor Nai'lith was born in his local family estate upon his families land. It exsited on the outer areas on Tel`Aranae Quessir in the shaded park of his land. The home was a big one of greater size and was housed well. From there he built his life to its start as his loving parents took great care of him. As he grew so did his mind and he was soon tought the basics to being that of a higher class. He learned to sit up straight, his manners, finer conversasion, and even that of his lineage. He practiced these things under the half green leaves of the families trees and took pleaser in doing so. However the family had soon ran out of a way to possbly expand his mind in just the simple ways of its own home. So he was sent to school in Tel`Aranae Quessir were he would apprentice under those above him and learn in the same fashion as his family before him. There he learned much of what it is to be of a higher class, communicating in the city with only those of his class and learning of a higher order. In the later years the school had tought him enough and he moved back in with his family for a while. At this time he was debating over what to do next. His father had set him up in the families name, but Elendor did not feel ready. So after a few weeks he packed up the belongings that where little and headed out upon his own accored.

At this current point he wishes to learn magic.

That is all thank you.
Elendor Nai'lith

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