Fact or Fiction: Student Gossip

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Fact or Fiction: Student Gossip

Postby Hoppy » Thu Oct 23, 2003 11:05 pm

Whether it be in the classroom or in the hallways, the university much like any other school is prone to its fair share of rumors and gossip.

- One of the third year student can be over heard talking to a flock of first years.."Thats what I heard anyways, but I dont see how we can have a new headmaster and have NO one know who he is, do you?"

- "Im telling you.." there is a voice from the shadows of the hallway, barely a whisper as if trying not to draw attention to themself. "Yeah, but blood magic? Say it aint so..." a second voice, but when you look there is no one there.

- A group of three or four students gather in the hall way, each of them with a story they want to tell about the recent ball they had attended. Wine, women and food, each having made a 'special' conquest of this lady or that.

- "Can you believe it? She said I was gonna be rich someday, who needs magic when you have that much money?" one young man begins telling his sweetheart about the lady at court who has started reading peoples fortunes through the cards.

- "No, no news yet as to who the culprit was." one of the teachers explains to another. "And they say its one of our students! Just wait until I get a hold of whoever it was and we'll see then who is playing with fire..."

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