The Playful Feather (supporters location)

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The Playful Feather (supporters location)

Postby Sway » Thu Jan 22, 2004 6:36 pm

After the Siege people were looking for fun, trying to feel just a little better in this horrible time. There was no better time to start up Kings Court's very own brothel.
Situated in a mansion in the center between the city center, the nobles quarter and the palace it attracted a lot of different people. Of course there were the nobles and the more wealthy merchants, but also the higher placed people in the government visited to relax from their stressful jobs or excitement they couldn't get at home.
However, every customer knew it wasn't only the entertainment that was available at the Playful Feather. Deals were made and money was gambled.

The mansion was completely remodeled for these special services. Everything was available for the right price, even excellent liqour and a hot bath. And ofcourse there were free towels available in every room. When you walked into the mansion, you would first notice the scent of sweet herbs, fresh as spring. Looking around the ambience was very calm and relaxing with the lightning not being much brighter then the light which radiated from the numerous candles in the main hall. To top it off, there were three pillars with sculptures on top of them that poured water into large plates. All the girls walked around in white chitons of thin linnen with clasps at the shoulders.

The brothel was managed by Silara Inthar, or Sway, as she was called by her customers. She never treated any of the customers and knew everything that was going on inside of her brothel. With her green eyes and curling blond hair and seducing smile, she gave every customer a warm welcome. The customers knew their secrets would be kept inside these walls, except for those secrets they did not want to keep a secret

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