'The Golden Opportunity I' sets out.

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'The Golden Opportunity I' sets out.

Postby Agta » Tue Jul 12, 2005 9:37 am

A joyous event! For the first time in many years a ship hoists her sails to explore a new piece of Tazlure. Citizens of all classes and ages have come to see it sail off towards new horizons. Throngs upon throngs of people are eager to catch a glimpse of the daring adventurers and their vessel. The martial sounds of a marching band are all but drowned out by the chitter chatter of the masses. Street vendors are weaving their way through the crowds to sell flags, drinks and snacks, adding to the chaos with their loud cries.

The ship itself is looking proud, displaying all her banners and sails. A strong sea-ward breeze is slowly picking up, trying to give the Golden Opportunity a headstart. The wind snatches away most of the bedlam from the shore, enveloping the vessel in a strange blanket of composure and calm.

Swarming the decks are the members of the crew. Some are trying to get in a wave at relatives on the docks, others just enjoy the spectacular celebrations. All must feel their hopes and expectations swirling around them. Their future is uncertain and - no doubt - tough.

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