WM: To Signore Shadinow Samheen 28th Early MT

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WM: To Signore Shadinow Samheen 28th Early MT

Postby Guest » Sun Jun 18, 2006 1:22 pm


I must once more express my concern about the Exemption Licenses out Office is to Issue to the non humans. I sincerely believe that money should not be the basis upon which we should be granting these presumed pagans the right to live in our fair city.

While I understand the benefit Mouth will have from this affair, I still believe we should need further assurances from each of these individuals that they indeed are not pagans. It is my belief that they should be given the choice of either converting to the only true faith publicly or leaving the city. Just because a person has the means to buy Exemption License, does not mean they are not still a pagan. I believe that this opens a way for Imperial spies to infiltrate our city as it should pose no problem to the Imperial government to provide the funds.

I do hope you shall reconsider and form a new strategy for the future

Sincerely yours

Vincenzo Di Vaio

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