Villa du Constanza (Samheen 17th, Tradetide)

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Villa du Constanza (Samheen 17th, Tradetide)

Postby Guest » Sat Sep 25, 2004 8:59 am

Deep into the Northern Quarter, the Villa of the Constanza family sat alongside the Dulche canal, one of many small tributaries both artificial and natural that spread out from the two great rivers that surrounded the city. The front gates of the villa opened out onto the Street of Lights, a boulevard that held the distinction of being one of the first ones lit with oil lamps over two generations ago. Well dressed guards of both the Constanza family and the neighboring houses patrolled both the streets and the grounds of the house.

Within the gates was a large coach round leading up to the front of the house itself. Many parties had been hosted here in the past, and the grounds were well designed to manage a large number of both strolling visitors and carriages with their teams, designed with this in mind in fact as socializing was a necessity for those that lived in these neighborhoods.

Today, the street seemed abandoned except for the occasional rigid guard. Torrential rain hit the fine cobblework with fat drops. In the distance, thunder rolled across the heavens. Daylight had not managed to take hold despite the time, leaving the day in a rainy twilight. It was up this street Cassandra came. She had left Hart's carriage just around the corner. Water ran down the street, taking its toll on her footwork. The light from the fine oil lamps was dull in the greyness of day.

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