Taleweaver's Words on the Mouth (Read before Posting)

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Taleweaver's Words on the Mouth (Read before Posting)

Postby Guest » Thu Feb 06, 2003 4:07 pm

1. I'm going to try for regular posting, depending on how busy it's going to be here. Sometimes I've only got 10 hours of college in one week, sometimes I'll be working alongside that for more than 6 hours a day. I'll let you people know when a busy period comes up, and I would appreciate if those who play here do the same from those who are going to play here.
2. The focus of play in World’s Mouth is on intrigue and life in a metropolis. The never-ending clashes between courts of merchants, noblemen, wizards and anyone else who feels he needs to have a bit of power will be what drives most plots; a secondary stress may occur on the city watch of the Mouth, and on how they deal with Smugglers.
3. Formerly, World’s Mouth was also a place of magickal education. While the three colleges have not closed their doors, they are currently not open to characters seeking to learn magick there. For those who want their character to learn Sorcery, I must refer you to the University of Magick at the Citadel.
4. A merchant council rules World's Mouth. This means that things are a little different from normal Tazlurian cities - you have to watch who you offend, certain classes of people are treated differently, and so forth. And it especially means that there's a lot of strife in the city. Rivalry between merchant families, merchants and wizards, local noblemen and ruling officials, etc.
5. The city will have a more renaissance feel than other places in this game. As a result, people are very clearly expected to behave properly, dress properly, etc. Etiquette is important in the city, as is appearance, fashion and trend.
6. World's Mouth is an important place of magic, and has several important Sorcery colleges. Wizards are given a special amount of respect by other citizens and by the rulers of the city, because of a deal struck with the ruling council. While not open for learning magick, players are certainly free to pick the wizards’ side in the struggle for power.
7. As World's Mouth is a trade city first and foremost, a lot of exotic goods can be found there. Merchants and smugglers owe their wealth and power to the city’s status as one of the Western Kingdom’s most wealthy trade centers. Many items not available in other parts of the country can often be found at a market or shop in the Mouth.
8. If anyone has questions, I'm reachable over ICQ or email, or through one of the appropriate forums here. My number's 7264296, and my email Mirudan@hotmail.com. I'll try to answer questions as soon as I can.
9. Above all: enjoy the game.
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