The Turcotte Building (Samheen 20th, Morningtide)

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The Turcotte Building (Samheen 20th, Morningtide)

Postby Guest » Fri May 20, 2005 4:05 pm

The massive Turcotte building was certainly not one of the more austere or pleasing constructions of World's Mouth, but it was critical in it's function, which was to be the active, restless brain of the city's government system. Deep within it's rectangular pass were the offices and employees that worked tirelessly to run the mechanics of the city's policies as they were accepted by the Merchant's Council just a short distance to the West. The building was a testament to solid, government construction, with it's heavy, blocky construction and high, wide columns topped with graceful, faded gargoyles.

Unlike so many days before, a row of quiet, sharply-dressed guards stood vigilant outside the building, inspecting all that moved to enter the building with quiet apprehension. One of the double doors to the building remained bolted shut, constricting entrance to a very slow crawl.

Within the broad double doors that served as the facility's primary entrance, a broad, granite desk housed no less than four attendants, each a young lady with clear, attractive skin and wide, cold, judgemental eyes. They wore shapeless smocks of white and silver, and were all tastefully groomed to crisp perfection.

Elsewhere in the massive entrance foyer, large trees grew from floor planters the size of modest water wells, trees that grew to reach up the height of the bright and almost angelic room, some twenty paces into the air. A series of decorative benches spread out around these trees, offering no comfort but a pleasing view none the less. The back room of the massive chamber was covered in a breathtakingly massive banner of the city, it's double-headed falcon crest blazed in black over a field of scarlet, a clear icon of great power to be found within these very walls.

A group of guards stopped all that entered, inquiring about their business before they would let them proceed deeper into the massive, critical, government facility.

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