Writ of Regency Samheen 18 eveningtide

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Writ of Regency Samheen 18 eveningtide

Postby Andolin » Thu Feb 10, 2005 4:20 am

The candle was burning low on his desk as he inked the last words of the writ for Anochrim. Sitting back, he let the ink dry as he examined its contents.

Know by this proclaimation that I, Caesar Anochrim, have ordered the following regency to occur in the case of my incapacitation due to illness or otherwise.

My betrothed, the Lady Aesa, is to rule in my stead as Regent of the Empire, until I am recovered. As she is still a stranger to the Citadel, I am appointing Lady Helvania as a court advisor to Lady Aesa. To further acclimate the Lady Regent to the protocols necessary to rulership of the Empire, I empower my trusted advisor and Master of Protocol, Lord Andolin, to appoint someone of his Office to act as lady in waiting to the Lady Regent.

For the good of the Empire, and its people, I command my wishes to be obeyed. Signed this day, Samheen

There was a place to put the date, a signature and Imperial seal. Andolin had never written a legal proclamation before. He assumed that they went on and on with legal jargon, but he did not have time for such niceties. This document would serve nicely as it also complimented himself.

Once the ink was dry, the Master of Protocol rolled the parchment and proceeded back to Anochrim's chambers. Hopefully Caesar would be up to signing it this very night or in the morningtide. As he began his walk, he thought of Isabella. If she did not hurry back to the palace, he would have to appoint Kitlanya to the post. Even if she did appear soon, he would have to taunt her and make her beg for it. Yes, some suitable begging and humbling herself would be in order, he smirked.
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