To Ashtallion Urdil

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To Ashtallion Urdil

Postby Alustariel Urdil » Fri Jul 08, 2005 6:00 am

To Master Urdil, Care of the University of Magick, Citadel. Dated: 20th Samheen Yahren 1224 AD

Note to the Postmaster - Please deliver ASAP, next day if possible.

Dear Mr Urdil

I Am sorry to write in such a manner and not come to you in person, but it there is rather pLeasant fishing where I am...I believe we were there once but some few days ago. Do yoU like boats?, I do so like them and am trying to procure one at this time. I Shan't be coming to the ciTy much anymore, but you may come and visit anytime you wish. You know the plAce. All should be in order for the paiR of citadel doves that I know very soon. The elder (And I do stress this word lovEngly) of these doves is doing remarkably well. As for the younger dove, the maLe...I do worry for him.


Druil Estariaul

Post Script: If you ever change your mind on the course of action we are taking, come and stop me from trawling prawns.
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