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The Scribe Library

Postby Guest » Sun Nov 28, 2004 1:48 am

This is a forum dedicated to providing resources to writers, storytellers, moderators, and players in the Tazlure community. While many of the resources are directed specifically to Tazlure, they are concepts that can be used throughout a writer's craft.

Players, moderators and developers alike are encouraged to post their own resources and comments here for all to reference as needed. Generally, all posts that are stickied and/or locked are official resources provided by the developers and moderators. All other posts are provided by the community and players. Moderators may sticky a general post if he or she feels it belongs as an official reference.

You will find five treatises in this forum:

1. Treatise on Grammar
2. Treatise on Plot
3. Treatise on Character
4. Treatise on Style
5. Treatise on Revision

These are the official lessons of Tazlure's University of Scribes. Each treatise has a series of articles concerning that writing subject designed to improve that particular aspect of writing as well as provide a reference for various tips and tricks. Each week the University of Scribes is devoted to one of treatises. Commentary, discussion, debate, and writing exercises are posted each week in correspondence with that week’s treatise. An article and summary will be added to the treatise for future reference.

The exercises, discussions, debates, and commentary are archived in this forum as resources at the close of each week. The subject title will include what treatise the thread applies to and will be kept for future reference and comments.

You will also find threads that have url links to various writing resources. These threads are for reference only and are locked. If there is a link you would like to add, send a moderator or developer and he or she will add it, assuming it is appropriate for the forum.

Feel free to PM me with questions and welcome to the Scribe Library!

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