Zoie's Stump

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Zoie's Stump

Postby Guest » Wed Dec 14, 2005 2:05 am

It was a stump.

A tree stump. And around this was Zoie's operation, the workshop of Zoie "the Shaft", a fletcher and bowyer located within Pax Balthasar itself. The great tree stump was located at one side, the rather clumsy likeness of some angry face sketched upon it's surface in coal and pierced by several arrows that Zoie herself had apparently fletched and cast. Also sketched upon the stump were the words "Zow-E the Shafft" in shaky, unsteady letters, a simple stick effigy of an arrow underlying that modest declaration.

And for those familiar with a fletcher, they would be instantly familiar with her operation. A tarpaulin perched upon two scraggly sticks made the basis of her rather modest abode, and within it could be seen racks and racks of standing staves, pots of glue, bundles of twine, and a pair of setting posts upon which several staves were already stretched, their arching shape already beginning to show. A small, metal chest held Zoie's tools...her hammers, rasps, files, knives, all manner of items she would need, and amid all of this was a hanging hammock of worn canvas upon which Zoie the Shaft spent her nights in sleep.

A set of stones, arranged in a loose circle, held a fire within it at almost all marks of the day, and a thick, battered, iron ladle was held just nearby, a ladle that served both to prepare Zoie's arrowheads as well as to prepare her meals, for Zoie was a creature of practicality.

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