DREAM GUY: The Gravetide of Reise [part of challenge 2]

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DREAM GUY: The Gravetide of Reise [part of challenge 2]

Postby Guest » Sun Mar 05, 2006 1:23 am

The eveningtide had passed. All guests found themselves escorted to their rooms by helpful servants, and if necessary undressed.

The room contained a large bed with canopy, with featherfilled cushions and matress. There was a wardrobe, as well as a desk with a chair, and each room featured a hearth and of course, the balcony, with doors that opened wide to the lovely garden filled with countryside flowers.

While they had celebrated a formal evening with the Count, the household had not been idle. All the clothes the ladies brought had been unpacked and carefully folded, or hung out as appropriate, in the wardrobe. Personal items graced the desk, which now also had a small mirror should anybody feel the need to check their appearance.

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